Endermologie® is a revolutionary, 100% natural, non-invasive treatment that can help to treat a variety of medical concerns/issues.


Due to the variety of issues that individuals require treatment for, the specific treatment of care will be decided after the consultation to provide a bespoke treatment.




10 mins        £25


20 mins        £50


30 mins        £75


40 mins        £100


Medical Treatments Available


Lymphatic Drainage/Circulation


Scars and Burns

Before and After Surgery

Pre- and Post-Baby


Joint Stiffness/Pain

Back Pain

Muscular Skeletal Problems


Excess Weight and Obesity

Sports Massage

and more!


Single Consultation






Consultation with any Treatment/Package purchased






Endermowear/Face Endermologie® Kit (if required)




For hygiene reasons, the client may be required to purchase a stretchable suit (Endermowear) or Face Endermologie® Kit. This suit/kit will need to be worn at each treatment session, depending on the treatment, otherwise treatment cannot take place.





*Results may vary depending on individual


Medical Endermologie® Terms and Conditions: Purchase the listed courses at Radiance for Endermologie® LPG service. Only valid in Radiance. No cash alternative available. Free services cannot be exchanged for any other service or be transferred to another client. Radiance reserves the right to withdraw these offers at any time. Time restrictions may apply when booking. Subject to availability.


Radiance asks for a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel your appointment via phone or text. Anyone who does not give this notice will be asked to pay a cancellation charge of £40 and will be unable to book further appointments until the charge has been paid.