Hydrating For Every Season

One of the most important requirements in life is water – it is as equally important to the body as it is to skin and hair. With the changes of seasons along with the life’s influences, the need for water is essential all year round for complete inner-outer hydration. As a Top 5 premium brand, Amway’s sophisticated ARTISTRY™ skincare can address all your skin concerns, with Hydra-V, Youth Xtend and Supreme LX. Top it off with a blend of Artistry™ Signature Select Personalised Serums to protect the inner dermis of your skin – and choose the best fit for your personal needs.    


For more information go to https://www.amway.co.uk/user/ammateus (Baljinder Khaira) or use ABO Number: 8139650 when registering.

Protect Your Hair Against The Elements


Shake up your hair regime with SANTINIQUE™ hair products – a premium collection of hair care, treatment and styling products designed to meet the needs of all hair types. All Satinique™ care products contain Amway exclusive patented* positively charge complex, Enerjuve™, supported with blended organic botanicals and nutrients that are carefully selected to the specific needs of hair.


As the season changes, your needs change with your skin, hair and health. Be aware of those needs, and use what you have to boost hydration for the most beautiful and healthy-looking complexion and hair.


For more information go to https://www.amway.co.uk/user/ammateus (Baljinder Khaira) or use ABO Number: 8139650 when registering.

XS™ Sport Nutrition


XS™ Sports products are made for anyone looking to XSperience more with tangible results that help you perform better. These products were developed to help active individuals Energise, Refresh and Recharge, providing the correct nutrients to make a difference to help you perform at your best at every segment of your sports activities and adventures.



XS™ Pre-workout drink delivers extra energy to help you power through your workout. It’s packed with ingredients including vitamins that help prepare your body with energy for a strong start, fuelling muscles and helping delay fatigue.



XS™ Electrolyte Drink ensures you can power ahead with a balanced blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes, each sachet replenishes electrolytes and enhances the absorption of water during physical exercise.



Rebound faster with each bar that contains 20g of protein contributing to maintenance, growth of muscle mass and helps to recuperate after a hard activity. No added sugar, contains naturally occurring sugars. There is also the choice of protein powder to suit your personal needs and tastes!


For more information go to https://www.amway.co.uk/user/ammateus (Baljinder Khaira) or use ABO Number: 8139650 when registering.



BodyKey by Nutrilite™ – Only the best for your nutrition!


With over 80 years’ experience in the areas of research, development, and production, NUTRILITE™ is the world’s leader in plant-based vitamin and dietary supplements.


With this goal in mind NUTRILITE™ has now engaged a group of scientists, nutritionists, and exercise experts to find out how new scientific methods help reveal the body’s response to nutrition, exercise, and its ability to lose weight.


The result is BodyKey by NUTRILITE™, a weight loss programme that focuses on you. Using your individual DNA and your personal lifestyle, Amway’s experts will design a Diet and Exercise Plan tailored exactly to you, your life, and your preferences.


Whatever your age and lifestyle, your body relies on key nutrients to perform at its best. Nutrilite’s organic vitamin supplements are here for you – #1 brand in the world!


With BodyKey by NUTRILITE™, science and nature are combined for optimal well-being.


For more information go to https://www.amway.co.uk/user/ammateus (Baljinder Khaira) ABO Number 8139650.

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